How it works

1. The student sends us his homework by email with the deadline to 

2. We check the homework, and we give you an estimate of the time needed to complete the work and a quote.

3. The student makes the payment online and tutor starts solving. 

4. The tutor emails the homework back to the student before the deadline.

Assignment Helps Pricing

1) We charge 5 USD per question. 

2) For Assignments which require write up we charge 15 USD per page.( You can check our assignments using Turntin for plagiarism). 

3) For Online Tutoring we charge 15 USD Per Hour for high school and college subjects.

Assignment Help Careers

We need tutors for assignments and online tutoring from various countries around the world. So send us your resume at info for an exciting and lucrative career.

For an alternative arrangement, please email us on info